Ichiran opens in Midtown NYC

Ichiran, Manhattan
132 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001
Open 7 days a week / 9am – 1am




Ichiran is a tonkatsu ramen place originally opened it’s doors in 1960, Fukuoka, Japan. Now they have more than 60 locations in Japan, and international locations in the US, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The first store in the US is the one in Brooklyn which opened in 2016, and they just started business in midtown.

New York has been flourishing with Asian food lately, and there are already plenty of ramen places. Individual booths and minimal interaction with anyone but the food makes this place unique. Their menu is straight forward, ordering system is simple, and assistance is a click away. In many ways this place is efficient. You check out what you want on the menu, click a button that’s on every booth, and they bring your food to your booth. You can customize your ramen such as the firmness of the noodle, spiciness, thickness of the soup, etc. There’s not much in the base ramen, but there are a few add on options for extra $.The base of the dokatsu ramen is $18.90, but they do not accept tip. It’s pretty pricey for a plain ramen, but their broths are one of the best I had in NYC. In Japan the base ramen costs ¥910 which is about $8.
I even got one of these take out boxes which is $39 a piece. Each box has 3 servings. Noodles, broth concentrate, and spicy sauce is included in the box. Sliced pork and egg is not included I happened to have some in the fridge and went perfectly with the ramen. Would get it again.



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